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Aviation lighting from PAPI systems and LED runway lights to beacons, windsocks, airport signs and obstruction lighting.

With over 40 years of aviation lighting experience, we're a trusted source for airport lights, lamps, lenses, PAPI, runway signage and electrical supplies.

At Airport Lighting Company, airfield lighting is our only business.

Airport Lighting Company recommends our new LED taxiway and runway signs which are ETL certified to AC 150/5345-44. This patented design has several advantages over traditional airfield signs:

LED Runway and Taxiway Signs
  • LEDs create crisp, clean illumination
  • Sharper contrast increases visibility
  • Use 80% less power and save money
  • Long life means less maintenance
  • Manufactured in the USA by AGM
AGM - Airfield Guidancesign Manufacturers

Our extensive inventory means that most orders ship the same day. If you're planning a lighting upgrade or maintaining an airport's legacy system, we'll help you do your job on time and on budget.

Call us today at (315) 682-6460 or use our online contact form to request additional information.
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