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L828/L829 Ferroresonant Constant Current Regulator

Airport Lighting Company Current Regulator

Certified to FAA AC 150/5345-10 (Current Edition)

Control system has over 12 years and power transformer has over 17 years of proven field performance.

  • Ferroresonant core design for better overvoltage and surge protection
  • Efficiency - 90% Minimum - high step fully loaded
  • Safety interlock ensures power is disconnected when the door is opened
  • Lightning and transient protection on input and output lines
  • High Power Factor .99 - high step fully loaded
  • On-off switching under load
  • Open Circuit and overcurrent protection
  • Digital output accuracy and circuit turning capabilities
  • Ferroresonant design provides a stable output current that is not affected by flashing loads from strobes or runway guardlights
  • Stackable

Download Current Regulator PDF